The Be S.H.E. Summit was created to empower purpose-driven women to create their dream life with confidence and balance. As women, we are master jugglers at supporting all of the important people in our lives: our partners, our families, our children, our clients and our friends. And in doing so, we tend to forget one very important person…ourselves.

Many of us are so focused on taking care of everyone else, that sometimes things fall through the cracks. It could be our health. It could be our relationships, with our kids or it could be with our dreams and goals. Many times we put those on the back burner because everyone else comes first and we are run ragged.

The Be S.H.E. Summit will support purpose-driven women to create balance in their lives, so they can achieve their goals and dreams while still being there for those they love, by showing up for themselves first. We are not just partners, sisters, daughters, mothers and friends. We have goals and dreams and get to have it all. We do that by showing up in all areas of our life, including for ourselves.

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